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Zimbra is a next-generation collaboration server that provides organizations greater overall flexibility and simplicity with integrated email, contacts, calendaring, sharing and document management plus mobility and desktop synchronization to users on any computer.
Zimbra Collaboration Server’s advanced web application and server is built on open standards and technologies to deliver unparalleled per-user scalability and lower overall total cost-of–ownership (TCO). It also offers more options than any other platform to meet the array of application deployment strategies, including on-premises or hosted email, all of which can be cloud and virtualization infrastructure. However Zimbra OSS doesn’t provide the features like HOT backup and Mobile Sync services
ZeXtras Suite is made to expand the capabilities of your Zimbra Open Source Edition. ZeXtras is packaged as a modular solution allowing you to pay only what you actually need.
Each module adds a new feature, giving you the power to do things you thought impossible with Zimbra Open Source Edition.
You buy what you need, for the time you need it, and in the way you prefer.
We Help you to decrease the TCO of your mail system while making it better with the Help of ZeXtras... eXtraordinary, isn't it?
What is ZeXtras Backup?
ZeXtras Backup is one of the modules of ZeXtras Suite.
It's designed to provide a backup and restore infrastructure to a ZeXtras enabled VMWare Zimbra Open Source Edition server, allowing a system administrator to backup any data and configuration on a live server with no downtimes, and to restore any previously saved data to any ZeXtras Suite-enabled server.
It takes advantage of the native RedoLog system to perform a real-time backup of ALL transactions on the server, giving the administrator a wide array of restore options. From a single-mailbox rollback to a full server recovery everything is possible, with split-second precision.
ZeXtras Mobile Module provides an ActiveSYNC interface to any Zimbra Open Source Edition server, allowing your users to connect their mobile phones to the mail server giving access to both Email and advanced features like Calendars, Address Books and Notes.

No external connectors or middleware needed. The ZeXtras Mobile Module binds itself directly to the ZeXtras Core, granting an integration level never seen before!
  • Push emails, calendars and address books.
  • Fully featured Calendar synchronization including Calendar Attachments and Recurring Appointments.
  • Fully featured Address Book synchronization including Contact Photos, Custom Fields and Multiple Entries.
  • GAL searches.
  • Two-Way synchronization.
  • Advanced search - perform mailbox-wide searches even on not synchronized items.
  • Attachment Management.
  • Send, accept, decline or reschedule meetings directly from your mobile.
  • No configuration needed - enable the ZeXtras Mobile Module and manage your devices via the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet!
  • Manage multiple accounts on the same device.
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