Integrated Voice and Data Operations

Today, security organizations face a complex challenge: mitigating increasingly sophisticated security threats while cost-effectively managing a wide variety of layered security technologies.


Security Information and Event Management solutions are a combination of the formerly disparate product categories of SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management). SIEM technology provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications. The objective: To help companies respond to attacks faster and organize mountains of log data.

The acronyms SEM, SIM and SIEM have been used interchangeably, though there are differences in meaning and product capabilities. The segment of security management that deals with real-time monitoring, correlation of events, notifications and console views is commonly known as Security Event Management (SEM). The second area provides long-term storage, analysis and reporting of log data and is known as Security Information Management (SIM)


SIEM is ideal for compliance and reporting.
SIEM technology gives a view of internal and external threats.
SIEM solutions improve operational efficiencies and cut administrative costs.
The technology is flexible and can be made into a managed service.

SIEM Capabilities?

Data Aggregation: SIEM/LM (log management) solutions aggregate data from many sources, including network, security, servers, databases, applications, providing the ability to consolidate monitored data to help avoid missing crucial events.
Correlation:looks for common attributes, and links events together into meaningful bundles. This technology provides the ability to perform a variety of correlation techniques to integrate different sources, in order to turn data into useful information.
Alerting: the automated analysis of correlated events and production of alerts, to notify recipients of immediate issues.
Dashboards: SIEM/LM tools take event data and turn it into informational charts to assist in seeing patterns, or identifying activity that is not forming a standard pattern.
Compliance: SIEM applications can be employed to automate the gathering of compliance data, producing reports that adapt to existing security, governance and auditing processes.
Retention: SIEM/SIM solutions employ long-term storage of historical data to facilitate correlation of data over time, and to provide the retention necessary for compliance requirements.

Implementation of Security event and log management by iSecureNet can help you compiling event and log files from your IT environment into one seamless platform to enable more efficient event and log management. It can also provide near-real-time correlation and analysis of events


Analyzing current need and provides an integrated security and compliance platform with near-real-time analysis and reporting
Helps reduce up-front and long-term expenses of on-premise hardware and software deployments.