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Messaging security by iSecureNet is designed to help mid-market businesses protect their e-mail communications from viruses, spam and other bad content. Our e-mail security services acts as the first line of defense, scanning e-mail messages and helping to eliminate threats before they reach your network.


Our Messaging Security services is comprised of a suite of services that intercept and dispose of harmful e-mail before it reaches your network, helping to keep your company e-mail free from damaging content. Choose the e-mail security options that are right for your business:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-spam
  • Image control
  • Content control

Messaging security; the right choice for mid-sized businesses –Because We Secure IT

Our e-mail security is the ideal solution for mid-market companies that need to improve their e-mail security. It is designed to offer better protection and faster response than you can achieve in-house, at a much lower cost. Featuring subscription pricing on a per-user basis, the service:
  • Is easy to use, harden or add extra layer of Security
  • Manages your e-mail security 24x7x365
  • Helps protect your business against the downtime and damage caused by viruses
  • Quarantines spam outside your network, alleviating bandwidth and storage issues
  • Removes unacceptable images and content according to your e-mail security policies
  • Helps protect intellectual property and confidential information
Interested in more than e-mail security?

E-mail security is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to e-mail security, iSecureNet messaging Security Services offers a wide range of other information security solutions and services including regulatory compliance assessments, security consulting, software and hardware products and emergency response services.