iMail-nG SD

      iMail-nG SD is a Standard version of iMail-nG based on customized Linux Platform. iMail-nG SD is an excellent blend of Open Source products, though its based on Open Source security has always given a top most priority and we are proud to say that No other email server offers you an in-built SPF and DKIM feature to keep the unsolicited emails away.

     iMail-nG SD is basic version suitable solution for small businesses. iMail-nG SD is intended to be the compact, to deploy and manage. You need not be a Pro in Linux to deploy the SD Server. The result is an all-in-one communication solution that provides your business against SPAMS, Viruses, worms and other threats.

iMail-nG SD Benefits

Integral Ldap support – For smart hosts
Allow you to Work from anywhere -: nexGen Webmail feature
Built-in anti-spam and anti-virus support
No separate hardening is required.
In-built firewall solution
Easy GUI Administration for almost all the components