iMail-nG XE

     iMail-nG XE is a Xpress Edition of iMail-nG. iMail-nG XE is one step higher than SD integrating and inherits all the SD functions along with LDAP Integration of Chat server, VoIP, PBX and Email Archiving..

      iMail-nG XE is designed to fulfill the demand of Small-to Medium businesses requiring a comprehensive solution that offers the highest level of security and optimizes Email flows. Clustering can easily be configured with iMail-nG XE

iMail-nG XE Benefits
      Along with all the benefits SD offers XE provides below added features to make XE version a complete communication tool.

VoIP functionality
PBX Modules
Email Archiving Solution
Our Unique security Approach to block SPAM at gateway level.
LDAP Integration for XMPP Chat Server.
Load Balancing