Consulting & Email planning
iMail-nG is an Secured Email Solution from iSecureNet Solutions – A leader in Network and Information Security.

iSecureNet provides below consulting services to their customers


Email Server Auditing
Email has become the most popular means of transferring information. Almost all business es are using email for information exchange between employees. A lot of companies have deployed exclusive enterprise email service (Example: for communications with remote employees, business partners, etc. However, any communication ov er the Internet without sufficient security measures is at risk.

iSecureNet Solutions Provides Email server Auditing feature by which can help you to objectively evaluate the current state of practice & gives us direction to focus our improvement efforts.

Take full advantage of the iMail-nG with our unique Training Program. The training includes integration of iMail-nG according to your requirements, step-by-step training on how to install iMail-NG, system deployment and user migration.