Small to Medium

Streamline your business messaging platform.
Improve your business communication platform with iMail-nG. Provide a complete email-platform, Webmail access for Small to Medium Businesses.

Cost Effective Solution
Sick of pouring hundreds of hours into managing your email server? Wasting too much time with tedious configuration and maintenance tasks? We've got the solution for you.

Easy to install and Manage
iMail-nG’s Ajax based interface gives you a desktop client like feeling .

Forget those command line things
From the installation to day to day maintenance, iMail-nG offers the best in an easy-to-use WebAdmin interface. Every component of the mail server can be managed with a slick frontends.

Peace in reliability.
Install. Configure and Relax. Yes we really mean it And Above all we offer you VoIP/SIP/PBAX Feature which makes iMail-nG a perfect solution for SMB Clients.