Enhance your hosting Services with iMail-nG.
iMail-nG is specifically designed for ISP Hosting and maintaining large email-systems. From Webmail clients to full messaging platforms, iMail-nG can deliver a competitive email-platform and help retain your customers with innovative features and improved user-experience.
Features Include

The normal IMAP name space present folders like this:

With the altername IMAP name space folders appear like this:

The IMAP name space can be configured per mailbox. The default is to create mailboxes using the alternate IMAP name space.
Auto-Bcc - Generate auto Bcc's (Blind Carbon Copy) for mail sent using the SMTP servers
Quite handy to get around Outlook's inability to save sent mail on the IMAP server. Also saves the time and bandwidth to transfer the message to the SMTP server and then copy the message to the Sent folder on the IMAP server.

A Bcc can be delivered to an IMAP folder or sent to another email address.