Corporate-class email platform with no fuss.
iMail-nG is a corporate-class email solution that allows you and your company to communicate on a single platform. With iMail-nG, you can piece together the jumble of messaging formats, and achieve coherent communications for you and your company.

Solve the communication puzzle.
In a large organization, communication is not easy. With multitudes of people using many different platforms to communicate, the sharing of ideas can be a challenge. iMail-nG solves this puzzle with a platform that can be accessed from many points - from your simple web browser to the mobile device at the palm of your hand.

Control the flow of information.
Why entrust your data to an outsourced, private company - when you can own it? In a world where data security is critical, iMail-nG allows you to store your valuable data, emails, and contacts in-house. Your information, your rules, your ownership.

Own a complete solution.
iMail-nG is not just an email server. With iMail-nG's address books that can be shared with mobile devices and Outlook, feature-laden calendaring utilities that allow your users to share events and tasks, ActiveSync support, spam and virus filtering - and much, much more - iMail-nG is a comprehensive corporate email solution.

Save time and money.
iMail-nG's comprehensive administrative functions enable you to do the work you need to. With automated maintenance scripts and a solid, but simple web administration interface, iMail-nG does not require the extensive maintenance that usually accompanies mail server solutions. Install, sit back, and relax.