About Us

     iSecureNet is an leading Network security consultancy organization securing networks for more than 10 years. The company has an emphasis on OpenSource and Linux based products to suffice every need of an IT thus lowering TCO.

     The company has two main product lines, the :bastionNUX: HA Stateful Failover Firewall and the iMail-nG nexGen Communication platform. The solution is distributed as a hardened precompiled and customized OS, or in short iMail-nG is an out-of-the-box robust and secured communication server with uniq features like.

SPF and DKIM in built Support

TLS Inbuilt

Ajax based webmail – Allow you to work from Anywhere

     VoIP and PBX modules included, to build a complete PBX and VoIP solution for your office

The company has enjoyed years of positive growth and remains profitable since inception.

     The vision of iSecureNet is to continue to innovate and be a global leader in the information and Network security by providing world-class secured “end-to-end” environments. And our mission is to provide best IT Security Solutions, IT Consultancy, Infrastructure management services in a Cost effective method to the customer without compromising the quality.