What is iMail-nG

iMail-nG is based on customized Linux Platform.
iMail-nG is an excellent blend of Open Source products, though it’s based on Open Source security has always given a top most priority and we are proud to say that No other email server offers you an in-built SPF and DKIM feature to keep the unsolicited emails away.

Why iMail-nG

iMail-nG is a complete messaging and communication solution for your company.
Complete POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail-server functionality, Web-based administration, Webmail interface and more.
Not to forget we are the only ones who offer inbuilt VoIP and PBX support to make iMail-nG a complete secured, robust and scalable communication solution.


Every organization has access to basic email.
a standard email server, but fewer have security in built - and fewer still mobility or document management. This is where iMail-nG excels. Being deployed on Rock Solid Linux platoform and since its an out-of –the box installation you really don’t need to be pro In Linux neither for installation nor for management.
Next-generation email and VoIP platforms offer solutions to these and many other common pain points by providing innovative features for end-users and IT administrators at lower total cost-of-ownership (TCO)

Case Studies

Small Business
iMail-nG offers a complete communication platform for your company employees and staff. Full mail-server included supporting POP3/IMAP, Webmail client, Administration Module, in-built DKIM Feature and TLS enabled with VoIP and PBX as an Add-on. Simple Web-based administration is included. Ajax based webmail gives you feel of Email client not the webmail. You don’t need to invest in all those jazzy and costly PBX solution. You can build your own complete PBX and VoIP solution with iMail-nG
Internet Service Providers
iMail-nG since it’s completely developed on Enterprise Linux It can very well serve as a comprehensive email server solution for your business and clients.
Host client email accounts using iMail-nG.
Easy GUI management can off-load your administration work easily.
Internet Service Providers
iMail-nG Offers a campus-wide Instant Messaging solution to students and staff. IM can easily be integrated with your existing AD for easy privilege configuration per user.
Use the Webmail interface as a communication platform for students, and integrate IMail-nG with an existing LDAP server for authentication.