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About Cloud S2

Cloud S2, stands for Cloud Storage Server is creating cloud storage technology that will revolutionize the way people access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. Our vision is simple: don't store files on your PC, store them on your Cloud S2 instead. Cloud S2 is your personal storage space on Private Cloud of your organization. Why to use the old legacy FTP or file server which inhibit mobility
Why Cloud S2

In today’s world, employees and partners need anytime, anywhere, any device access to the latest information to get the job done. Businesses need to make sure that the same information is secure, compliant and in control. Current products do not deliver what employees and businesses need. Employees are turning in record numbers to public clouds to access, share and synch corporate data; but is the data secure? Absolutely not! Many businesses also store information in a local collaboration solution, but is that easy to access? Not at all. What businesses and employees need is a safe, secure, easy-to-use solution that delivers visibility and control, while still providing anytime, anywhere, any device access to the latest information employees need to get the job done.

Cloud S2 is the fastest growing and most loved cloud storage and online backup company on the web today. Here's why:

We're Number 1
Cloud S2 offers a full range of services allowing our products to grow with your needs. Backup your computer, sync files across your computers, access your files from the web and more. No other provider offers such a complete range of services –

Flexible enough for business. Easy enough for everyone.

We support businesses as well as professionals, hobbyists and home users. That means we know how to look after our customers and we can adapt to your needs. Our service is second to none.

Solution to your Problem

Cloud S2 is a flexible, open source file sync and share solution enabling businesses of all sizes to securely provide their employees and partners anytime, anywhere, any device access to the files they need to get the job done. With the ability to support most enterprise and cloud storage systems, Cloud S2 grants businesses the control they need over their data, while providing employees an easy-to-use answer to their file access frustrations. Whether using a mobile device, a workstation, or a web client, Cloud S2 provides customers the ability to put the right files at their employees’ fingertips on any device in one simple-to-use, secure, enterprise-controlled solution.

Product Summary

Cloud S2 provides enterprises any device access to an unstructured data proxy for files, wherever the data is stored. Based on the popular open source community project, Cloud S2 acts as both a local file repository and a file proxy. As a file repository, simply mount your preferred storage devices to Cloud S2, and the flexible architecture and content will be immediately available to users for file syncing and sharing. Add other storage devices locally or over NFS, CIFS and even cloudbased storage, whatever you choose. Cloud S2’s flexible plug-in architecture enables you to connect to the right storage for the job. More than just a simple file sync and share repository, Cloud S2 can also serve as a file access proxy by connecting multiple storage locations into one common interface, the Cloud S2 server. This provides one central, controllable and auditable location for client access to any enterprise file, with appropriate backup and redundancy.

Features : Key features of Cloud S2 include:-

Working with a shared folder on their local desktop, employees decide which files and folders to share, and select the users and groups that have access to their shared files and folders. Any shared user can then view, download, sync and update the shared files from their desktop, mobile device or the ownCloud web interface.

As a business, data privacy, security and control is a requirement. With ownCloud, you decide where you store your data, who can access it, and how you want to verify compliance with the requirements of your business – all in one solution.

Whether working at a workstation, with a laptop, in a virtual desktop, on a web browser, or through a mobile device, files are synchronized, shared and available on the devices employees use in the office and on the road.

Whether installing ownCloud on a local server, across multiple servers, or in the cloud, desktop files are synchronized and backed up on the server. Employees access that data wherever they are, whenever they need it, from any device.

Any user can quickly create and embed a URL for a file stored in their ownCloud folders in an email or other method to grant immediate access. If a file is too big to email, simply embed a unique URL into an email, word document, instant message or other communication. Clicking on the link immediately downloads the file.

As an open source product, ownCloud includes innovative, cutting edge features that are not found in other products. From cloud text editing, to a new application store for product and feature extensions, ownCloud – and the open source community behind it – are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a file sync and share solution can do.

Have unique needs for your file sync and share solutions? No problem, ownCloud’s architecture enables rapid and easy creation of plug-ins to augment functionality and integrate with your existing data center infrastructure.

A simple administration interface provides easy access to user and group management, storage and quota management, plug-in configurations, logs and more.

Brand an ownCloud instance with the right logos, color schemes, URLs and fonts, so that it looks and feels as if it is an integrated part of the business. Make the ownCloud data proxy a service that your employees, customers and partners can access with confidence, knowing it is in your control.