Integrated Voice and Data Operations

The world is changing. A new reality is emerging for organizations of every size from every part of the planet. It’s called the cloud—a profound evolution of IT with revolutionary implications for business and society, creating new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible and collaborative computing models.

Deployment models

Public cloud

Public cloud or external cloud describes cloud computing in the traditional mainstream sense, whereby resources are dynamically provisioned on a fine-grained, self-service basis over the Internet, via web applications/web services, from an off-site third-party provider who bills on a fine-grained utility computing basis.

Private Cloud, Internal Cloud, Enterprise Cloud

A Emulation of the Public Cloud on a private network Private Cloud is generally called as Emulation of the Public Cloud on a private network. These clouds deliver some benefits of cloud computing without the pitfalls of the public cloud (data security, corporate governance, reliability)

It is an implementation of services on resources that are dedicated to your organization, whether they exist on-premises or off-premises. With a private cloud, you get many of the benefits of public cloud computing—including self-service, scalability, and elasticity—with the additional control and customization available from dedicated resources.

There are two models for cloud services that can be delivered in a private cloud:
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With IaaS, you can use infrastructure resources (compute, network, and storage) as a service, while PaaS provides a complete application platform as a service. Microsoft offers solutions that deliver IaaS and PaaS for both private and public cloud deployments.

Why Private Cloud ?

Improving Cost Structures and reducing expenses.
Extending already popular web based services to customers.
Increasing business agility by speeding time to adoption for all technology based initiatives.
Improving the delivery of IT services , business transparency in to IT work and costs , and working relationships between IT and the many business units it serves.
Private Cloud preserves the your investment in infrastructure , applications and information while putting all of these resources in to efficient , effective and agile business use.

A private cloud implementation can be a fast path to improving service delivery and reducing costs. Yet the challenges of installing, configuring and testing a private cloud platform can be overwhelming.

We provide installation, configuration and knowledge transfer capabilities for more rapid implementation of your private cloud platform using our unique approach by adopting Open Source approach thus lowering your CAPEX providing best in class Private cloud infrastructure.

We can help you accelerate time to value while enabling greater innovation and quality.

Private cloud computing offers the promise of multiple benefits, including faster application deployment, improved service delivery and reduced overall IT costs. You have done the research, and you are ready to start realizing the potential of cloud computing within your own organization. But like many enterprises, you are concerned about the time and resources needed to successfully implement a cost-effective private cloud implementation.

WE can help you take the guesswork out of establishing a private cloud computing environment. Our rapid and accurate approach helps you more quickly enable a private cloud platform